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Summer 2015

Note: These are preliminary materials. There may be changes between now and the beginning of term.

ENG 1100-001 Introduction to Literature -- Online --> CRN 42121

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New Database of Caribbean Literature            Bibliography: Barfield, Mythopoesis, Consciousness, &c.

Old English Pages            On-line Literature            DeNada Press

Lecture pages

English Monarchs 1272 - 1714

Indo-European Language Family

The New Imperialism and the Scramble for Africa 1880-1914

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"Itaque nihil est quod admirere, si in hoc vitae salo circumflantibus agitemur procellis,
quibus hoc maxime propositum est pessimis displicere."
       Boethius Philosophiae Consolationis Liber I pr III

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