Physics Fridays

Fall 2014: Due to low turnout and difficulty scheduling faculty hosts, we are going to do Physics Fridays in an “on demand” fashion.

Have a topic or a faculty member you would like to chat with? Put together a group of interested students and ask the faculty member to host a Physics Friday! Let me know and I will make the announcement widely.

Continuing since the spring of 2013, Physics Friday is a totally informal chance for students and faculty to interact outside of the classroom.

Every Friday, 9:00 – 10:30 AM
at Einstein Bagels on campus, in the upstairs smaller room.


Here is the plan: Each Friday we will meet at Einstein Bagels on campus (906 Curtis Street in the Mercantile Bldg). There will always be at least one physics faculty member there (see below) and students are invited to come as often as they like for any part of it. The faculty member leading that particular meetup will post some kind of material for discussion prior to their meetup (check here). The idea is that the material can act as a touch-point for discussion. That said, the conversation is intended to be unstructured and if the topic from the reading never comes up, so be it!

Have suggestions for a topic of discussion? Please drop me an email! If you can provide an article or source for reading, that is even better!

Short link to this page:

Schedule for Spring 2014:

Date Faculty Topic
1/24 Dr. Loats The Bead Trick
1/31 Dr. Carlson Hawking: “There Are No Black Holes”
2/7 Dr. Loats Chinese collider expands particle zoo
2/14 Dr. Krantz Magnetic Monopoles – Real or Synthetic?
Ref2, Ref3, Ref4, Ref5
2/21 Dr. Dove The Proton Radius Problem
2/28 Dr. Denn Using distant quasars to test Bell’s theorem
3/7 Dr. Dove Supernovas Slosh Before Exploding (summary, full paper)
3/14 Dr. Krantz Graphene & graphene-like materials (link TBD)
3/21 None! Enjoy Spring Break!
4/4 Dr. Loats NASA’s Van Allen Probes Discover Particle
Accelerator in the Heart of Earth’s Radiation Belts
4/11 Cancelled… no faculty sponsor
4/18 Dr. Krantz 24 bit, 192 kHz Music Downloads …and why they make no sense
4/25 Cancelled… no faculty sponsor
5/2 Cancelled… no faculty sponsor
5/9 Dr. Loats Forget the Higgs, neutrinos may be the key to breaking the Standard Model

Schedule for Fall 2013:

Date Faculty Topic
8/23 Dr. Grant Denn Asteroids mapped with radar
8/30 James Lass with Dr. Loats Entanglement and the EPR Paradox
9/6 Dr. Jim Dove Neutron Star Mergers, Gamma Ray Bursts,
and the Production of Gold!
Also, Kilonova!
9/13 Eric & Eric
9/20 Dr. Carlson A discussion of the “Amplituhedron”
9/27 None No host or topic this week (last-minute emergencies) :-(
10/4 Dr. Loats The rise and fall of the pentaquark
10/11 Dr. Denn Radiation Belts (In Space!)
10/18 Dr. Loats The 2012 Nobel Physics Prize
(or The Twists and Turns of Hi(gg)story)
10/25 Dr. Krantz 25 Years of Physics – 5 People
11/1 Dr. Loats 25 Years of Physics – 5 Pics
11/8 Dr. Krantz 25 Years of Physics – 5 Questions
11/15 Dr. Loats Puzzles & Bagels (Prizes! Fun! Food!)
11/22 None No Physics Friday… enjoy your Fall Break
12/6 Dr. Loats Quantum Cheshire Cats

Schedule from Spring 2013:

Date Faculty Topic
1/25 Dr. Loats Telekinesis and Quantum Field Theory
2/1 Dr. Krantz Higgs Boson, Who Cares!
2/8 Dr. Loats Superluminal Neutrinos? For real?
2/15 Dr. Loats The Cult of Nicola Tesla (Loats @ home with a sick kid)
2/22 Dr. Krantz What Do Physicists Do?
3/1 Dr. Sahami Communicating the science of climate change
(IPCC Exec. Summary, Cyclones, Synthesis Report)
3/8 Dr. Carlson Social physics engineering (like the gravity powered lamp)
3/15 Dr. Loats Thorium-based nuclear reactors
(Am. Phys. Soc.. NY Times, Talk of The Nation [listen/read])
3/22 Dr. Carlson Quantum Entanglement & Teleportation
4/5 Dr. Sahami Graphene – 17 Sci. Am. 298, 90-97 (2008)
4/12 Dr. Dove Dark Energy
4/19 Dr. Sahami Other universes, or Max Tegmark’s greatest hits
4/26 Dr. Denn The comet of the century!
5/3 NONE Cancelled: Please attend the MSU Denver Undergrad. Research Conf!
5/10 Dr. Loats,
Snippets from an Independent Study on Particle Physics